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REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 10...

Indication: Great falling out of hair. Premature Baldness. Hair falls out. Scalp feels tense, gray hair, and Alopecia.

Usage Direction: Add 5 to 10 drops of medicine with little water and have it 3 times a day. For older disease, have it 4 times a day for a very long period. After the patient gets cured also, have it once a day or as instructed by Homeopathic Doctor.

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REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 70...

Numerous small nodules (a small swelling or aggregation of cells in the body) under the skin, Cauliflower excrescences of os uteri, with flying pains, Patient tends towards malignancy and inveterate skin disease. Gouty nodosities.

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REPL Dr. Advice™ NO. 9...

Itching blotchus, Urticaria, burning heat, with formication. Voilent itching. Consequences of suppressed nettlerash. Burn confined to skin.


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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.109...

Cannot bear the heat of the sun, All the conditions are aggravated by heat, Prickly heat, Intense itching of skin especially of lower extremities, hard, Neck & Chest.

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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.118...

'Leukoderma' White patches over surfaces of skin, 'Vitiligo', Loss of pigment or color on body including skin, 'Hair (scalp, eyebrow, eyelash, beard), Inside the mouth, Genitals.

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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.30...

Dry skin warts, Corns, Burns and Scalds, Burns confined to skin soreness in folds of skin, warts large jagged, bleeding easily on tips of fingers and nose. Polypi, Tubercles, Warts epithelioma, Naeva, especially in the anogenital region.

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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.40...

Has a particular tendency to develop the skin phase of internal disorders, skin rough persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by eczema (a condition that makes your skin red and itchy).

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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.49...

Homeopathic medicine for All In One Hair Related Problems. Great falling out of hair. Premature baldness and gray hair. Hair gray early in life falls out, Hair thins out, turns gray early. 

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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.54...

The vesicular eruption, with a tendency to form large blisters. Acrid exudation with makes surrounding parts sore. Herpetic eruption.

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REPL Dr.Advice™NO.79...

Acts as a powerful irritant so used successfully in skin diseases especially in psoriasis. Violent itching, thighs, legs and back of ears, Dry, scaly eruption, Lemon- Coloured Crust.