Dr. Advice™ NO. 134    (DEBILIT-T)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 134    (DEBILIT-T)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 134    (DEBILIT-T)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 134    (DEBILIT-T)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 134    (DEBILIT-T)

Dr. Advice® NO. 134 (DEBILIT-T)

  • Helpful in removing impotence and incontinence sexual weakness in older people.
  • Helps to overcome increased desire but decreases stamina.
  • Helps to prevent loss of sexual potency at any age.
  • Helps in the discharge of prostatic fluid during stool.
Image Combination Name Price Quantity
Size : One size
Age Group : 18 to 25
Age Group : 26 to 45

Composition: Cinchona Officinalis Q, Calcarea Phosphorica 6, Carbo Vegetabilis 6, Selenium 6, Picricum Acidum Q, Phosphoricum Acidum Q.

Indication:- Sexual debility from nervous prostration, impotency, incontinence of old people, increase desire but decreased ability. Loss of sexual power at any age.

Doses: 1. Adult: 10-15 drops with ¼ cup water 3 times daily for 3 months or as prescribed by the physician.

Packing 30ml

Cinchona Officinalis Q

0.75 ml

Calcarea Phosphorica 6

1.50 ml

Carbo Vegetabilis 6

1.00 ml

Selenium 6

1.00 ml

Picricum Acidum Q

025 ml

Phosphoricum Acidum Q

050 ml




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5 to 10 Drops with 1/4 cup of water to be taken orally 3 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.