Common Ailments

Common Ailments

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Alba Oil (Hair Oil)

ALBA OIL is 100% Herbal & Natural Hair Vitalized, Enriched with 14 time-tested and scientifically validated hair-strengthening and scalp-protecting Herbs and pure Herbal Oils.

₹100.00 Price

Dasratann Oil

Dasratann Oil is an Ayurvedic cooling hair oil made from various natural herbals. Helpful for headache, bodyache, sliping problem.

Elora Spa (Body Massage Oil)

Elora spa (Body massage oil) is 100% safe Herbal Preparation blended with essential aphrodisiac herbs suitable for helping to set the mood for intimacy.

₹150.00 Price

Keshvardhaak Oil

Nourishes Hair Root and scalp. Improves blood circulation to hair follicles. Stimulates the growth of thicker, healthier and longer hair. Checks loss of Hair alopecia & arrests Dandruff. Great falling out of hair. premature baldness, hair fall out, scalp feels tense.

बालों की जड़ और खोपड़ी को पोषण देता है। बालों के रोम को रक्त परिसंचरण में सुधार करता है। घने, स्वस्थ और लंबे बालों की वृद्धि को उत्तेजित करता है। बाल खालित्य के नुकसान की जाँच करता है और रूसी को गिरफ्तार करता है। बालों से गिरते हुए महान। समय से पहले गंजापन, बाल झड़ना, खोपड़ी का तनाव महसूस करना।

खुराक: - (1) 5-10 बूंदों को रोजाना तीन बार कुछ पानी के साथ लें।

            (2) पुराने मामलों में लंबे समय तक रोजाना ४ बार।

प्रस्तुति: 100 मिली। बोतल कैप और ड्रॉपर के साथ।

₹210.00 Price

Orthovit Capsules

ORTHOVIT ™ Capsule is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory analgesic indicated in the treatment of Morning Stiffness, Backache, Joint Pain Strain and sprain.

₹100.00 Price

Orthovit Oil

Orthovit Oil is a massage oil indicated in Spondylitis, Morning stiffness/Backache, Finger Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis, Shoulder sprain 

Painorem Oil (Pain...

Painorem oil is Massage oil with 100% safe Herbal Preparation blended with essential herbs suitable for sprain & strain & gets relief from pain, control pain and muscles cramping.

Roma Royal Oil (Body...

Roma royal oils 100% safe Herbal Preparation blended with essential secret herbs suitable for treating body pain. Roma Royal oil is genuine massage oil for calm & relaxes, deep warmth and aching muscles and joints pain.