Common Ailments

Common Ailments

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Cineraria Maritima

Cineraria Maritima - Conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions of eye. Spring catarrh. Irritation due to foreign bodies

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Diabetes mellitus – Type – I and Type – II. By stimulating β cells of Pancreas to secrete insulin for sugar Metabolism

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Fatcon ANTI -FAT

Tendency towards excess weight, disproportionate protrusions of the figure, especially around hips, waist, post pregnancy weight gain

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For Weak memory, Feebleness of Brain, Power, Mental incapacity, insanity, Anxiety, tired brain, irritability, Unable to concentrate the mind

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Pilelex gives relief in painful & bleeding Piles. It is very much effective in swollen Piles, constipation, with heavy pressure in the lower part of the abdomen