Dr. Advice™ NO. 22         (BRIGHT’S DESEASE)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 22         (BRIGHT’S DESEASE)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 22         (BRIGHT’S DESEASE)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 22         (BRIGHT’S DESEASE)

Dr. Advice® NO. 22 (BRIGHT’S DESEASE)

  • Helps with lower abdominal pain.
  • Helps in increasing blood pressure and urine.
  • Helps in symptoms associated with tympanist and kidney inflammation.
  • Helps with choking problems with bloody urine.
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Indication: Tympanites and urinary symptoms are very marked. Inflammation of kidneys. Bright’s disease is preceded by dropsy, strangury with bloody urine. Inflamed kidneys following any acute disease.

 Mode of Action

  1.       Arsenicum Album 6x: Bladder as if paralyzed, Bright’s disease.
  2.       Apocynum Cannabinum Q: Real Dropsy. Hot urine, Burning in urethra.
  3.       Apis Mellifica Q: Last drops burn and short, scanty. High colored.
  4.       Berberis Vulgaris Q: Pain in the thighs and loins on urinating. Sore sensation in kidneys.
  5.       Terebinthinar Oleum 6x: Violent burning drawing pain in region of kidneys. Painful erections.
  6.       Cantharis 6x: Retention of urine with cramp-like pain in the bladder.
  7.       Causticum6X: Acrid and corrosive urine or path, acquires of a deep brown or reddish color.
  8.       Chimaphila Umbellata Q: Dysuria and retention, constant pain in the region of kidneys.
  9.       Solidago Virgaurea Q: Bright’s disease clear stinking urine.
  10.       Copaiva Officinalis Q: Constant, ineffectual desire to urine. Swelling, urine in drops.


          (1) 5-10 Drops with water 5-6 times daily, in chronic conditions 10-10 drops 6-7 times daily.


Each 5 ml. Contains
Arsenicum Alb. - 6X 0.50 ml
Apocynum Can  - Q 0.50 ml
Apis Mellifica  - Q 0.50 ml
Berberis Vulgaris - Q 0.50 ml
Terebinth  - 6X 0.50 ml
Cantharis  - 6X 0.50 ml
Causticum  - 6X 0.50 ml
Chimaphilla  - Q 0.50 ml
Solidago Virg. - Q 0.50 ml
Copaiva  - Q 0.50 ml

Packing Size 30ml.





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5 to 10 Drops with 1/4 cup of water to be taken orally 5 to 6 times daily, in chronic cases 10 drops every 2 hours or as prescribed by the physician.