Dr. Advice™ NO. 30       (CORNSS)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 30       (CORNSS)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 30       (CORNSS)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 30       (CORNSS)
  • Dr. Advice™ NO. 30       (CORNSS)

Dr. Advice® NO. 30 (CORNSS)

  • Helps with pain in the folds of the skin for corns.
  • Helps relieve symptoms associated with large ragged warts that bleed easily on the tips of the fingers and nose.
  • Helps in a polyp, tubercle, and warts epithelioma, especially in the anogenital region.
  • Helps to remove Swelling of glandular warts that harden like a cranium.
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Indication:  Dry skin warts, Corns, Burns and Scalds, Burns confined to skin Soreness in folds of skin, warts large jagged, bleeding easily on tips of fingers and nose. Polypi, Tubercles, Warts epithelioma, Naeva, especially in the anogenital region.

 Mode of Action

  1.       Causticum 30x: Painful corns on the feet, warts also with pain and inflammation.
  2.       Thuja Occidentalis Q: Warts on any parts of the body with little neck, warts, hard cliff, and seedy.
  3.       Ferrum Picricum 30x: Warts, multiple, pedunculated corn.
  4.       Nitricum Acidum 30x: Swelling of glands wards wens like cauliflower hard.
  5.       Antimonium Crudum 6x: Corns and callous excrescences on the feet. Red and hot swellings.


Every 5 ml. Contains
Causticum  - 30X 1.00 ml
Thuja  - Q 1.00 ml
Ferr.Pic  - 30X 1.00 ml
Nit Acid  - 30X 1.00 ml
Antrim Crud  - 6 1.00 ml

Packing Size 30ml.





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10 to 15 Drops with 1/4 cup of water to be taken orally 3 to 4 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.